Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Kitchen? Check!

Okay, so I know it seems weird.. you're probably sitting there scratching your head saying... "Hey, wait a minute!  You just started this two days ago!" am I right?

I just thought it would be better if I were to put our progress in the order that it has happened, then it would make a little more sense as you go through reading :)  See what I'm doing now?

So.. back to the task at hand.

We got the kitchen FINISHED!!
Mortal Kombat gotta love it!

Here is after the first coat of the darker paint.

 Then we added the lighter paint to the other walls.  ^Gotta have tunes!

Josh getting his paint on.  He looks very concentrated.  Gettin' 'er done? :)

Here is the dark and the light walls together. (Sorry it's a little fuzzy.)

 Here are the cupboards with the light color and the contrast against the dark brown in the living room.
We didn't go all the way down because that's where the fridge is going.

After we moved the fridge back.  Looking good!

Here is another shot of the dark and the light together.  I can't wait to show you what I'm going to do to the dark wall!!

You'll have to keep watch to find out!

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