Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New Addition!

 I knew Josh loved the Blue Heeler dog he had growing up and I really wanted a puppy so I decided to look.

So I was cruising through the ads on Craiglist, while I was looking I noticed an ad for a Blue Heeler/Australian Sheppard mix liter.  I didn't notice where they were located because I was too excited.

After sending them an email, they let me know there was only one left and it was a girl and she was the nicest one of the bunch!  Pretty lucky, right?

  They told me they would be meeting everyone at Menards not too far from where we live, which was perfect because I needed to pick up some things for the house so I had an excuse!

Josh had no idea what I was up to,  I told him I was going to go shopping with a friend and drove out to the store and picked up some things for the dog and waited for the people to arrive.  They came all the way up from Missouri to bring the dogs!

 While I was driving home I tried to put the collar I bought her on.  Well... she was a LOT smaller than what I thought she was going to be and it fell right off her.

When I came back home Josh was working on the kitchen getting it ready to get painted, I told him to close his eyes and hold his hands out.  He didn't know why I was home, he had NO idea what was going on!

I put Belle in his hands and he had this look on his face like 'What in the world!?'.  I managed to snap this picture right after.  I love the look on his face. Hehe.  The first thing he said was, "Awww!  It's so little!" 

I let Josh name her, since she was going to be his puppy.  He named her Belle (after Beauty and the Beast, get it?)  I thought it was cute. :D

 Even Sassy came to check things out.  So she gave the puppy a welcome home kiss!

 But all that hard work of being so darn cute wore her out...

...she rolled all over the place trying to find a comfy spot, this is how I found her.

Welcome home Belle!

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