Monday, April 30, 2012

Two Colts and a Mare

  Sorry it's taken so long to get another post up, it was a CRAZY weekend! 

I took Friday off hoping that it would help to catch up before the big BBQ.  I don't think we would've gotten the guest bathroom done if we wouldn't have.

I don't have any pictures yet, that's how busy we were this weekend, but I will take some and post them on here!

I just wanted to share a little with everyone that friday we got our 3 new "kids"!  
(Josh likes to call our pets our children,  I think it's cute hehe.)    
We brought home a 2 year old colt (boy), a 1 year old colt and a 2 year old mare (girl).

Twist is the oldest colt, Athena is the mare and Frankie is the baby.

Twist and Frankie came from a VERY good home: Palisades Equestrian Center

Athena was rescued by Palisades Equestrian Center after found wandering around in a field with a really bad wound.  At first it was so bad they couldn't tell what had caused it but after weeks of treatment and care they figured out it was cause by a bullet.  So, the conclusion (from what information we could gather) is that she was treated pretty poorly (lots of scaring all over her body) and the person didn't like something about her and decided to "put her out to pasture permanently."  The good news is she was found by this wonderful place and now has a loving home with us!

I will say I have never had taken care of any animal with a gun shot wound and I have had a LOT of animals growing up, so I wasn't too sure what all to use.  Palisades Equestrian Center, was kind enough to send us home with what they had already been using for her (which was WAY awesome!). 
Athena is a little timid, even more around men, so applying 3 different treatments to the wound 2 times a day was a little difficult for us only because of time, I love working with her and could spend all the time in the world but I gotta work to pay for her feed, so we did a little research and found this AWESOME stuff!


It's not only good for farm animals,  but cats, dogs, and other animals too!  It's non-toxic (YAY!) and pet friendly, and you only need to spray it on and your done!  
Just click the picture and find out more about it.
We haven't any gotten yet, but I think we will definitely be ordering some!

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