Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Living Room's Progress..

Okay so we've been busting our patootie's the last few weeks and here's what we've gotten so far:

  I searched the internet to see if I could find a way to paint over wallpaper.  There is just sooo much of it in the house and I was worried that it would ruin the drywall if we took it all down.  I did find some pretty good references: 

Both are 'How to paint over Wallpaper' tutorials.

 Don't mind the mess! (comes with the price of repainting, fun!). We pulled the stripping off all of the walls and tapped all the rooms.  We put a heavy mud on and sanded it down in the living room (have yet to do any of the other rooms) and put a light mud on top of that and feathered it out to give it a better seam.  I would have to say we did a pretty good job! (More for me because I had only ever watched my dad do it to patch something!) After we put light mud on we sanded it down smooth and then headed to the store to buy a wopping 425$ (!!!!!) worth of paint for the whole upstairs.  Paint is not cheap, not if you want it to look good anyway.  We decided it would be better to go with the good stuff because we don't plan on changing the paint for awhile and it would pay itself off in the end with it's timeless beauty ;D (and helping me keep sanity). 

 This is the first coat of paint that we put on.. we noticed on the first coat that you could still see the color and texture of the wallpaper underneath! We had gotten the paint with the Paint + Primer.  Well... we probably should have just bought a separate primer :(

Here is another shot of the walls. Most of the pictures are going to be after dark because we work during the day and then work on the house when we get home so don't mind the quality of the pictures!

 Not sure how well you can see it but this was after TWO coats of paint!!! I was NOT happy!  You can still see the color of the paper! 

You can also see the texture of the wallpaper and feel it too.

So we went back to the store and picked up a Oil Base Primer, we found one for 55$ that was on sale. We also got a small can of the Latex Based Primer (to not strip off what we had already put on the walls) and had them color it for us for free and they gave us another free can of paint because it didn't do what it said it would.  They colored the primer so it would be easier to cover up with only one coat of paint on top instead of having to put another 2 coats of paint on.  Thank fully we only did three walls so it was a pretty easy fix.

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