Tuesday, April 24, 2012

New Beginings

Hi There!

  My name is Emilee.  I own a farm in a small town in Iowa.  We just bought our place and together we working to make it a functional and beautiful place to live. We have a LOT of work ahead of us!!

We previously lived in the city in a one bedroom, one bathroom apartment.  Definitely NOT enough space! Finally we decided to find a new place.  :)

  We currently are on a 9 acre lot with 2 barns, 2 lean-to's, a chicken coop, random shed's, a fat cat, a rambunctious puppy and a lazy horse.  Here is what we started with...

Lean-to (Buck's House), Chicken Coop
Living Room ( Awful wallpaper! )

Kitchen (More AWFUL wallpaper)
Our Bedroom
Guest Bedroom
Office/Study/ "Us Room"
Guest Bathroom
 Master Bath

Down the stairs just off the kitchen
Downstairs Kitchen

Basement (boyfriend snuck in the picture)

 We haven't gotten too far since we just bought it a few months ago, but I will be updating with posts to show the progress of the house (and decorating!). 

Wish us Luck!!

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