Tuesday, April 24, 2012


 Spring is FINALLY here!!!

I had gotten Josh this cute sign from Knob Creek Metal Arts on Etsy (love this site!)  for his birthday last year.  I wanted him to have hope that someday he would have his own garage to work in.  Plus, I love the work this guy does and it's really well made!  We decided now that we have a garage it's time to hang it up!

 We decided to take a break from the house, went into town and there is a HUGE green house (or should I say 22!! green houses!)  We were walking around looking at what we wanted to do for a little landscaping around the house.  I found these and thought they were SO pretty!
 (I took these pictures with my phone too!)

We decided to wait on the flowers for a little bit until it gets warmer.  It's been really nice all winter, hardly any snow and now that it's raining we're getting a cold snap.  

 We did get these though!  This is only a little bit of what we're going to be planting.  Since Buck (our lazy horse who just keeps the pasture short) is the only horse that we have currently we decided to turn the breeding coral into our new garden.  Plenty of fertilizer! (Hehe I laughed about that one for a bit)  There was a small area where there were some tomatoes but it was long and awkward and just wasn't going to work for what we wanted to do.

Here's a picture of Buck. I love his winter coat, it's a cream color with white spotting.

I was cleaning when we got home from the Market and Josh went outside to work on his truck and came back in with verrrry dirty hands and this for me :) Isn't he sweet?
It was the first flower off of one of our MANY lilac bushes.  I love how lilacs smell and how pretty they are so I guess I got pretty lucky when our who yard is literally lined with them!

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