Tuesday, April 24, 2012

More Living Room Please!

We're still working on the living room!  It's taking some progress but we're getting there.  
I can't wait to be done! 

Me working on the final wall.  I looooved this dark brown.  I looked like chocolate, had the consistency of chocolate and weirdly (maybe it was the paint fumes) it smelled like chocolate!

 We haven't gotten to the hallway yet but we're almost there!!  You can tell we put the primer on this time.  We even moved a few boxes from the apartment!

This is actually the colored primer on the walls, you almost can't tell except it's flat instead of the eggshell.  I almost thought about leaving it like that but it was a little lighter that was I was wanting.

See it almost looks white in this picture.  The hallway is white, but the wall on the right side of the picture has the two coats of paint and the primer on top, waiting to be painted with the final coat.

We're slowly getting there!

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