Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Setting up a Program

I know it's been awhile since we brought home the horses, but with Athena getting hurt and then repairing the barns, mower, weed wacker, fencing, chopping down trees, hauling scrap metal and all kinds of left behind items (left by the previous owners), and painting the house we didn't have too much time to work with the horses and get them on a program.  So we had John, the horse and dog trainer, come out.  Funny thing is when I first met him he told me he grew up with the girl that we bought our horses from!  Crazy right? 

So setup with a nice program, some new information from Clint Anderson and a new friend (Thanks John!).
We are ready to get busy!

Just keep in mind though, all three horses are still "babies", they are not quite old enough yet that we want to ride them,  they are able to ride but we would like them to grow a little more first.  So we will be getting them ready for the saddle and riding but probably won't be riding them on a basis.

 Athena, you can see on her left leg you wouldn't even know she cut it all up the way she did and she walks like nothing happened!  We'll see how she fairs when she needs to trot/run.  Also, on the right leg you can see her gun shot wound is almost closed!!! YAY!!! Do you remember before?  How big it was?  It was bigger than my hand and in really poor shape.  She's even put on some healthy weight too!

Athena's first time training since we've brought her home.  She did soooo amazing!  Better than I would've thought!  We did find out her quirks working with her.  She was a little spooky at first but then she calmed right down.  She's going to need a lot more work than the boys but only because she was abused.  But who can blame her for getting upset?  Wouldn't you be scared a little bit if you were hit (not the good kind of reinforcement either) for doing things you thought were right?

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