Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Downunder Horsemanship with Clint Anderson

We took a trip to the State Fairgrounds this weekend, Clint Anderson was in town.  We were only going to go for Saturday but it was such good information we ended up going both days.  There were a few things that I wanted to get but they were a  little bit too expensive.  So I got some materials to make my own!  I'll post up the DIY on that a little later once I get them finished.  I did get a few pictures, video recording wasn't allowed (which is understandable), but it was still good information all the same!  The trainer we've been working with just happened to be sitting a little way down from us and come to find out my niece was working the concession stand!  Iowa is a small place after all!

 You can progressively see what he's trying to do, this horse had a problem of getting in your "bubble".

 This was his horse he was showing, oh man was it beautiful!  He could do some amazing things with him!

One of these days our "kids" will be like that!

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