Monday, June 4, 2012

American Flag and Flowers

 We have been pretty busy lately,  we bought a bunch of flowers and for our anniversary Josh bought us a flag for our yard!

I planted some flowers in front of the house along the walkway.

 Just after we finished planting flowers and setting up the flag for our yard.
I love this picture!  What do you think? Isn't that sunset amazing?

 Making our mark! This was Josh's idea, I thought it was cute!

 This is the bench and flower box that was left on the property when we bought the house.  
I put it to good use!!

This flower box was hiding among some items that were left behind.  It's a little old and warn but I love it's antique charm!

 Everything we got done in 1 day!

My dad held a Car Show recently and we also went to the Vet for Belle's shots.  She wasn't feeling very well afterwards :(  I felt so bad there wasn't anyway I could make her feel better so we snuggled with her most of the day to try and give her some comfort.

 Belle trying to see where we are headed. She didn't look long cause the car was upsetting her tummy so she slept most of the time.

Snuggled up with her teddy.

Just couldn't find a comfortable way to lay because her stomach was hurting :(

Well that's most of what's been going on lately.

I do have a surprise though!  I'm going to be sharing recipes from my recipe box!
I was given a recipe box for Christmas and my Mother and Grandmother stuffed it with recipes from our family.  I'll be posting those soon!

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