Monday, June 25, 2012


So we really got down to business this weekend.  We got all of the supplies ready to build the flight pen and we built two new brooders for the chicks.  We also knocked down the old OLD chicken coop.  We tried to save as much of the original wood as possible to reuse, but it was pretty difficult with all the bug damage :(  I think we may only be able to save 1/4 of good reusable wood.. MAYBE 1/2 of it.

I took these while we were taking a break from building the brooders,

Look at those at those sad eyes!

 The Quail are getting big!

The bottom brooder we have the Chukar and the top brooder we have the Quail.  The Pheasants are still to little to be out from under the heat lamp.  So far we have lost 8 of our Pheasant :(  Next year we're getting all different kinds of chickens.  We wanted to get a white peacock, they're good for bug control (especially ticks!) but the place we're ordering from you have to buy in "bulk" and they can't guarantee you'd get a white one because they're mixed :\ darn!!  So if anyone knows a breeder that would want to sell one could you let us know? We'd appreciate it!

Want to see why we'd like a white Peacock besides the fact that they're good little bug hunters?

B-e-a-uuuutiful right?! Check this out...

Neat, right?

By the way for those of you who are unfamiliar with what Quail, Pheasant or Chukar are (I didn't have a clue what Quail looked like or what Chukar even were until we got ours) here are some pictures and a little info!

Quail -

Pheasant -

Chukar Partridge (These are my favorite cause I love their coloring) -

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