Monday, November 5, 2012

Reupholstering a Chair for the Guest Room - Part 3

If you are just joining us, make sure you check out Part 1 and Part 2 first.

Next step in reupholstering is sewing and painting!

Here is what your chair should look like currently.

I'm going to apologize in advance, I didn't get as many pictures and I would have liked because by this stage I was just ready to get the chair done.  The good thing is that it's pretty easy to figure out from this point on, you just need to follow the pattern and reverse everything that you took off.

We'll start with the legs first if you are going to refinish them because it tends to make a little bit of a mess and you don't want to ruin your new fabric!

It was raining outside when I went to work on the legs, so I put down some plastic in the basement and made sure everything close by was covered in plastic.  I used a drawer from a dresser that I'm going to refinish to prop the chair upside down. 

Start by sanding down the legs.  This takes a little bit of work, you want to make sure that it's rough enough to make sure the paint will stick.

Then you want to spray a primer.  I used white since I was going to be doing the legs gold.

After the primer drys, which was pretty quick, you can apply your final color.

Here's what I used:

I sprayed really light coats and just followed the instructions on the cans, spraying 2-3 coats.  After, I lightly sanded it down with fine sand paper to help smooth things out.

Here is after all the legs were done.  I sprayed a little further then where the fabric staples just to make sure that the only thing that would show after it was all done would be the gold.

Now to put your chair back together!

 You'll need to take apart the chair fabric.  I suggest starting with the arm pieces since that it the last thing you took off and build your way backwards.

 If it helps take a picture of each piece before you start taking it apart.  I would actually suggest it because there were a few times that I had to double, triple and quadruple check everything to make sure that I was doing it right.

I started to get a little frustrated because I would start to sew something I thought was right to realize that it was backwards!  The pictures that I did take helped A LOT!

After you have taken out the stitches on the old fabric, lay your new fabric out and trace around the edge of the pattern on your new fabric.  Do this on the backside in case you accidentally scribble somewhere you didn't mean to.

Cut out the pattern and iron the crease the same as the old pattern, this will help make the new fabric fit better.

Stitch together your patterns for your new fabric. 

I had to put on a plain white fabric underneath the new cover fabric because the cover fabric was a bit see through.  If yours is the same way you may need to have a plain color fabric to put underneath.

Slip on the new fabric in reverse order that you took it off.  I actually used the border trim plastic and re-purposed it so I didn't need to get new and the length was already at the needed size!  I stitched the trim in between the the patterns instead of gluing.  If it's easier to fit the fabric better, you may want to just use fabric glue and glue the trim on after.

If you notice the air hose for the gun, I had the compressor sitting in the living room!  I had to change to the air gun after I tried using the hand stapler.  I suggest using an air staple gun it's a lot easier to hold the fabric and use, especially if your doing it with out any help!

 While I was using the hand stapler my hand would cramp and I'd start shaking all over the place... needless to say I have a few staples in random places that are not really holding anything, haha!

I stapled the fabric as I went along to make things a little bit easier.  As you can see there are ripples in the arm piece there, I kept the screwdriver close by and took the staples out and readjusted as I went.

Here is the finished project!
(So far)

I haven't gotten the cushion done yet because we had to start getting things around the farm ready for winter.  I will update the post after I've finished the cushion so you can see how pretty it looks!

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