Friday, August 3, 2012

Reupholstering a Chair for the Guest Room - Part 2

 Time to tear things up!  This is one of the most tedious things on this project.. but for me it was the funnest!  You get to tear things up? Yes please!  I don't know why but breaking things/tearing things up always make you feel a little better, am I right?

Let us begin!

You will need:

  • A chair! - Preferably something your not afraid to tear up.
  • Pliers - Needle nose helps.
  • Fabric
  • Stapler
  • Sewing Machine or Needle and Thread
  • Flat head screw driver
  • Primer
  • Paint

Here is where we started.

If you notice I put down a sheet, this is to catch all the icky stuff that comes out of the chair. (If you also notice the dirty floor that is from mudding, yes I have mopped, three times!! Anyone have any idea how to get it clean?)

The kind of paint that I'm going to use is Krylon Primer in White and Krylon Metallic in Gold.


They were a pretty good price, just a couple of dollars at Wal-Mart.

You'll need to pick out what kind of fabric to use.  This was rather difficult for me because I didn't know what would be appropriate material. I looked all over the place what would be a good fabric to use.  Here are a couple that I picked out.

This is from Hancock Fabrics.  Isn't is pretty?
This was my second choice.

This was my third.

 I went to Hancock's and they have some really nice upholstery material and they had the PERFECT one for my chair!  But when I asked the lady how well it would work she said it wouldn't...what?! :(  I think it was supposed to only be for pillows or something?  You know.. I got it anyway.  It was 65% off and it was too pretty to pass up.  Besides, the chair is going in the guest bedroom.. no ones going to sit in it...much.

Here is what I ended up going with.
I know it looks pink and the flowers look brown.  But the flowers are a lot larger on the fabric I have and they a velvet dark purple and the material is light cream.  I got 7 yards just to make sure.  This is the chart that I used to help me figure out how much fabric I needed.

Alright!! Time to get busy!  Flip that bad boy over! 

Here is where you'll need that little flat head and the pliers.  You have to take ALL the staples out.  Start with the bottom.  Make sure you note and take pictures and mark EVERYTHING.  This is VERY important!!
You don't want to get lost right?  Don't want to waste any fabric either!

It helps if you lay the fabric in the order that you pull it off, keep it a bit organized.

See the new side tables I got for $20/each?  They're marble!  I'm going to touch up the bottom a bit, but you'll have to stay in touch to see that project.

Here is the bottom as I started pulling off pieces.  There is a trim on the bottom front.  I am going to try to recycle everything I can from the chair, stuffing, piping.. everything.  Gotta keep it as cheap as possible!

Here is the bottom all staple free!

Next, you'll have to wiggle your little flat head screwdriver between the fabric and pop the teeth of the strips out on the back of the chair. If you jiggle it up and down left to right it should pop right out!  Best advice that I found.. use the chair for as much leverage as possible!  You'll thank me!  This stuff hurts your hands and using the chair will take the strain off.

There are teeth on both sides of the chair but it was stapled down on the top so when you get the teeth pulled out try to take them out before you go to work on the staples on the top.  I scratched myself up pretty good that way.  Took a couple pokes before I figured out I should probably take it off.

 I had these little card board pieces in the fabric.  This one was at the top of the back.  If you can keep it, if not, it's okay.   

Back is done! Now to move on to the arms!

The arms were wrapped all the way around the board so I had to take all the staples out.  The whole time I was doing this all I could think was, "MAN! Who put all these stupid staples in here!!"

While you're doing the arms the front piece of cloth is pretty much going to come off with it because they're all stapled down in the same area.  If you just take out all of the staples it'll make everything pretty easy.

The unfortunate part was that the foam and batten were stapled with the fabric so off they came too.

and for some reason there was this fabric that looked like it belonged in a 1980's car?? I think it was supposed to help tighten the fabric?  Or maybe this is what it looked like before?  Who knows?  I got a good chuckle out of it though.

Yes, there are more of those goofy teeth strips on the arms too so you'll have to pry those up and then it's stapled at the top, like the back was.

Here is some of the piping, they have it stitched to the fabric instead of glued on.  Which would make it more sturdy but we're going to have a tough sewing project coming up.

Like always Sassy was watching me work.  I think she was a little tired. I thought she looked so cute though!

I was trying to get some pictures of her and I think she was getting frustrated with me, haha!

Okay, back to business, here is the front of the chair near the legs.  They had the fabric stapled to the legs! I was a little surprised about that, but then again they had the piping covering the staples so I figured I'd do the same and we'd be okay.

Almost done!


Well... for now...

Doesn't the chair look naked? HA!  

 How did this tutorial help so far?  Was there something you think I may have missed?  What do you think so far?  Let us know how your project is going!

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