Thursday, May 17, 2012

New Saddle

We got a new saddle for the boys!  We did have the vet come out and look at Athena, they said that her wounds are looking good and they should mend up okay, we still have to wait and see if she'll be able to ride.  I took some pretty neat pictures of the Farm too, thought you would like to see!  We're also trying to think of what to name the Farm.  Any ideas?  I'd like to put a nice ranch sign over the driveway on both sides.

That will be one of the DIY projects that I'll be putting up:
How to Make a Sign for your Home.
Send us some ideas on what you think would be a good name, if we choose your name, I'll make a sign for your home!

 The boys new training saddle.

 Pictures of the Farm!

Here is a video of Twist and Frankie playing in the pasture.



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