About Us

 Meet Us!
We both love working on and fixing things.  I am into art, music and decorating.  Josh is more of a technical thinker.  He likes to take things apart figure out how they work and put them together (even if there are those bolts you can't figure out where they went).  We are completely opposite and so different in everything we do, but it works perfect for us! 

 Meet Sassy!
Our first pet
(and a spoiled princess)
She likes to lounge around and tease the dog by flipping her tail around.
She absolutely demands only water from the faucet and
only she is allowed undivided attention and special treatment.
(Or so she seems to think!)

Meet Belle!
She's a Blue Heeler/Australian Shepherd mix.
She loves to follow people around and nip on their heels. 
Loves to sleep on her back like a person and snuggle as much as possible!

 Meet Lakota!
He's a Siberian Husky/German Sheppard mix.
He was 1 year and 1 month old when we got him from the Rescue League.
Super relaxed  and loves to please.  He still thinks he's a little puppy and wants to lay on you.
Belle is his little lady and he is always so careful with her!

 Meet Buck!
We acquired him when we bought our house, the previous owners
 were moving to the city, we offered to keep him and take care of him.
He is older and is unable to ride but he's really sweet and stubborn.
He lived to be 31 years old!

Update: Buck was having difficulty walking and eating.  We had a rehabilitation specialist come out and she took him to her farm to work with him to see if they could get him feeling better.  We found that he'd dislocated his hip some how and that he had a bad tooth.  Those problems were fixed and he was put a special diet to help him get his strength back but he refused to eat the good stuff and stuck with just plain grass hay.  Despite everything we could do, one day Buck laid down with his specialist and went to sleep.  He'll always be remember.

Meet Twist!
He's a Registered Quarter Horse. 
He's our playful guy, always running around and having fun.
He thinks he deserves all the love and attention when you come to the field
 and likes to hog you to himself.

Meet Frankie! 
 He's also a Registered Quarter Horse.  His registered name is Mr. Saturday Nite.
 He is inseparable from Twist and loves to do everything his big brother does.
  He's even been known to jump a fence or two to try to find his brother
 while his brother is working just to see what he's doing.

Meet Athena!
 She's our rescued girl.  We've guessed her at about 2 years old right now.
When we first got her she didn't like being handled too much and she has come a long way!
She loves to follow around the boys and come up to the fence to see what your doing.
She's very curious about everything!

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